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An important part of owning a food establishment anywhere, is the need for food safety and sanitation training among all staff members. In Winnipeg, Manitoba, all establishments that handle, prepare, maufacture, package, serve, or sell food are governed by the Winnipeg Food Service Bylaw. According to the bylaw, the establishment needs to abide by the following regulations:

  • No one can operate a food establishment without completing Certified Food Handling Training.
  • In a food establishment with less than five employees, at least one staff member has to complete Certified Food Handler Training.
  • In a food establishment with more than four employees, the certified staff member has to be on duty at all times.
  • If any of the regulations of the bylaw are not met, the food establishment will not be granted a health permit and will not be allowed to operate.

The bylaw also places responsibility of training the rest of the employees in food safety and sanitation on the food establishment management staff. It is important to note that the bylaw does not only cover food safety training, it encompasses all regulations that govern the operation and management of a food establishment or facility.

Why do I need food safety training?

In Winnipeg, food service workers are not mandated to complete Certified Food Handler training. However, since the bylaw governs all food establishments, if you are a food handler working in such an establishment, your employer may ask you to receive training and be certified in food safety and sanitation. But beyond the requirements, the main goal of food safety training is to make sure that food handled, sold, and served to the public is safe to consume.

In Canada, approximately 4.5 million people are afflicted with foodborne illness each year. Foodoorne illness is any disease that infects a person because of the ingestion of contaminated food. Food becomes unsafe to eat when at any point in the preparation process, the food handler did not practice safe food handling techniques and concepts. This increases the risk of the product being contaminated with bacteria or chemicals, thereby increasing the risk of the consumer acquiring a foodborne illness.

What will I learn in food safety course at Winnipeg First Aid?

Winnipeg First Aid offers a Certified Food Handler Training program that runs for eight hours over a single day. The curriculum focuses on the following main topics:

  • Introduction to basic microbiology
  • Causes of foodborne illness and how to prevent it and manage it
  • Facility and equipment design
  • Safe operating practices in a food establishment
  • Personnel health and hygiene
  • Staff training and management

You can enroll in a food safety program by visiting the Winnipeg First Aid website. We have an online application form (filled out online) available all day. We process requests send through the website or e-mail during business hours, so expect a confirmation from us by then.

You can also send in application requests over mail or telephone call. We accept payment via credit card, cash, or cheque.

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