Food Handler and Food Safety Certification in Canada
Food Safe Classes

Food Safe Classes

Ensuring that food is cooked, handled and stored correctly at home can prevent contamination of food. Food safety at home is very important for the overall health of family members. Most people lack awareness about food borne diseases.  They have very little knowledge about what causes food borne diseases, how they are transmitted and how they can be prevented.  As millions of people throughout the world are dying of food borne diseases, there is a growing need for Food Safe Classes for training people about food safety. Food Safe Classes can be face-to-face or virtual online or by correspondence.


There are two chief objectives of Food Safe Classes:

  1. Give information about the various causes and symptoms of food borne diseases, and
  2. Give training about precautions that need to be taken to prevent food borne diseases.

The above factors must be kept in mind during self-preparation, handling and storage of food.

Food Safe Classes include the following major topics in their training:

–          Importance of food safety.

–          Knowledge about the causes, symptoms and remedies for food borne illness or food poisoning.

–          Precautions to be taken while buying, preparing and cooking food.

–          Safe handling of food at every stage.

–          Proper method to clean up properly after cooking.

–          Safe food storage.

–          Food safety for infants, kids, pregnant women, old people and sick people at home.

–          Maintaining personal hygiene.

Food contamination is usually caused by bacteria, virus or other organisms when the food we eat is not been cooked, handled or stored correctly.  Symptoms of food borne illness vary depending on the type of microorganism or contaminant causing the infection. Food borne illness symptoms include vomiting, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, headache or fever and can be mild or severe. A doctor should be contacted immediately in such a case. Food Safe Classes teach us about all these things in their training.

Safe practice must be followed while buying food at a grocery store, super market or farmer’s market. Self-growers of food must also follow safe practices. Proper handling of food is very important. Safe food storage prevents it from contracting any harmful microorganisms and preserves its quality.

It is important to take the Food Safe Classes because

knowledge about the causes, symptoms and prevention will keep our family members safe and free from food borne illness. We know about how special care needs to be taken about food safety for infants, toddlers, pregnant women, elderly and sick people at home. Such people get infected very easily and food infection can be serious or fatal for them.

Food Safe Classes also cover in detail, the topic about hygienic preparation, cooking and handling of food. They also tell you about high risk foods, temperature danger zones for food, cross-contamination and the importance of maintaining personal hygiene. Food Safe Classes basically train you in everything that has to do with keeping food safe for consumption.