Food Handler and Food Safety Certification in Canada

Course Content

The material covered in food handler and food safety courses varies depending on province and location. However, all basic food handler and food safety courses cover essentially the same material. This page is dedicated to the course content of a food handler or food safety course in Canada.

Candidates enrolled in a food handling or food safety certification course will cover the following content:

  • Microbiology – Candidates will learn basic knowledge of microbiology.
  • Foodborne Illness – Candidates will learn the common forms and types of foodborne illnesses and how to prevent staff and patrons from being affected by them. This includes illnesses from microbiological illnesses, chemical and allergens. Candidates will learn about the ideal environments that biological foodborne illnesses thrive in.
  • Health and Hygiene – Candidates will learn good hygienic and sanitizing techniques.  Includes hand-washing, hairnets, wearing gloves and proper sanitizing solutions and methods throughout the workplace.
  • Serving and Dispensing – Candidates will learn proper techniques for serving foods, rejecting food and sanitizing and preparing dish-ware for patrons and staff. Includes training in washing and machine-washing dishes.
  • Food Protection – Candidates will learn safe food preparation techniques in heating and re-heating foods. Candidates will learn the necessary cooking and reheating temperatures for safe food. Includes training in handling procedures.
  • Receiving and Storage – Candidates will learn factors to take into account when storing and heating foods.
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing – Candidates will learn about proper dish-washing facilities and effective and approved sanitizing equipment and chemicals. Proper utensil storage is also included.

Candidates may find that the course content in each province is slightly different different, however, each province strives to include these major and basic topics into their food safety and food handling regulations and courses. Courses offer basic knowledge and emphasize workplace safety and care in preparing food for patrons and keeping staff safe. Register for a course today to become aware and informed about foodborne illnesses and how to protect your patrons, family and friends from easily preventable illnesses.