Food Handler and Food Safety Certification in Canada

For many couples who are trying to conceive or have a baby, becoming a certified food handler is never a priority and is oftentimes forgotten about since they think that their focus should only be on learning how to become good parents and how the birthing process actually works. This is never a good practice since there are a lot of reasons why securing a food handler certificate is a very important when it comes to taking care of a pregnant woman. Here are some of these reasons.

A Food Handler Knows about Poisonous Foods

Stomach Pain

Stomach Pain

Pregnant women are more vulnerable to certain types of chemical poisoning such as methylmercury poisoning since pregnancy causes normal physical and lifestyle changes in order to adapt to the growing size and the nutritional needs of the fetus. These changes which include hormonal changes, increased pressure on the veins and decreased level of activity, all contribute to blood coagulation or thickening which can cause blood clots.

When the blood is too thick, normal toxins are harder to flush out and are retained inside the body since the blood which carries these toxins travel slower. If a person becomes pregnant during the time when the toxins are currently being flushed out by the body, there is a high possibility that the fetus becomes exposed to the toxins. Food handlers are well-educated on food types that can cause these types of poisoning which means that taking food handling courses can make it easier for parents to identify the food groups that they should avoid.

A Food Handler Knows How to Prepare Uncooked Foods

A normal and healthy person has the antibodies which can fight off the bacteria that can be ingested when eating raw foods. A pregnant woman on the other hand, has a weaker immune system which means that the antibodies that they have are not enough to prevent food infections that are caused by bacteria strains that can be found in uncooked foods.

Uncooked foods are also known carriers of parasites which can travel through the blood stream onto different parts of the body such as the parasite called Toxoplasma gondii. if a woman becomes pregnant while these parasites are present in their blood, these parasites can enter the placenta and endanger the life of the fetus. A food handler knows how to handle raw foods which minimizes the likelihood of this type of parasitic infection.

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